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Welcome to the website of Bill Corbett. Here, you’ll find a mix of things I do for a living – write magazine articles and guidebooks, write/edit annual reports and newsletters, and teach writing classes. You’ll also read about things I passionately do for fun – climb and backpack in the mountains, ski in the backcountry and make food-fuelled road trips – and see some photographs from my adventures. I hope you’ll be informed and entertained.

Books I've Written

Day Trips From Calgary
(Whitecap Books, 2010, updated in 2013) – Explores the diverse landscapes, communities and history of south-central Alberta within a two-hour drive of Calgary.

We got your Day Trips From Calgary book as a Christmas gift three years ago, and we are sure that’s the best gift anyone gave us... ever - Raya and Joe Pronk

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The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies
(Rocky Mountain Books, 2004)
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– A climber's guide and history of the range's 54 peaks that exceed 11,000 feet (3353 metres) in elevation.

An updated edition was published in early 2009.

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What's New

Marathon Mouth: A regular blog on great road-trip eats in the western U.S./Canada. This is my highly subjective guide to good, affordable, independent and character places to dine and drink when on a road trip through states west of Texas, the provinces of Alberta and B.C. and the Yukon Territory.

Pantheon Range, B.C.

A new, expanded and completely revised edition of my Day Trips From Calgary book was published in 2010 and updated in a 2013 reprinting. It features two new trips and updated entries on the best places to find coffee, lunches and snacks in the routes covered in the book. Nearly 60,000 copies of the book have now been sold.

An Alberta TrailNet mapping project I have been working on (text and photos) has won an American Trails award. The third map in this series, on trails southwest of Edmonton, was published in spring 2011. To view the maps, see http://www.albertatrailnet.com/map.html

New photos have been added in most of the categories

About Me

I’ve been a full-time writer for 30 years and counting, the first five as a newspaper reporter and the rest as a Calgary-based freelance writer. Except for a two-year exile, I’ve always lived in Alberta – the first half in Edmonton, the second in Calgary – and have explored much of it extensively. One result is my guidebook Day Trips From Calgary (Whitecap Books).

Since moving to Calgary in 1980, I’ve spent countless weekends and holidays mountaineering, backcountry skiing, hiking and taking photos in the nearby Canadian Rockies and, occasionally, ranges to the west. In 2002, I became the third person to climb all 54 of the 11,000-foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies. This led to my latest book, The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies (Rocky Mountain Books).

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